Society - Ish

King Xeros of Old Azlant

6,552 gp

+2 adamantine battleaxe (Cost: 11,310 gp)
+3 splint mail (Cost: 9,350 gp)
+1 ghost touch warhammer (Cost: 8,312 gp)
Gloves of dexterity +2 (Cost: 4,000 gp)

The PCs are dragged into the crisis occurring in
Absalom’s harbor by the manipulations of the city’s elite
through the city’s First Harbormaster. This happens to
dovetail nicely with the Pathfinders’ goal of getting a
team on board this strange vessel to explore its mysteries
before anyone else has a chance to do so. As a result, the
PCs quickly find themselves aboard a Harbor Guard sloop
being ferried out to the King Xeros where several Harbor
Guard and Wave Rider patrols have been keeping it safely
cordoned. Unfortunately, they arrive to find the Harbor
rescued the beleaguered guardsmen, the
surviving guard captain escorts the PCs down to the
armored deck where the Harbor Guard were in the midst
of attempting to breach a reinforced door to gain access
deeper into the ship. This door is a ghost portal and harbors
a spirit from the Ethereal Plane that must be overcome
either through a battle of wills or brute force in order
to explore further. Once beyond the ghost portal the PCs
begin to encounter the farthest extremities of a strange,
semi-corporeal plant of seemingly prodigious size. While
picking their way through these alien surroundings, the
PCs find themselves under attack by planewalking xill.
Fighting through the xill brings the PCs to the ship’s
helm where an immense puzzle box dominates the cabin,
inscribed with thousands of runic characters in obscure
languages. Powering the puzzle-box helm is the soul
energy of an entrapped night hag. By solving the mysteries
of the riddle box, the PCs are able to free the night hag and
learn the meaning and use of the ship. Discovering the
means to access the hold, the PCs confront the xenophage
creeper that the xill have cultivated to control the ship
and hold captives safely until brought to the xill home
in the Ethereal Plane. After battling the xill and some of
the creeper’s predatory tendrils, the PCs discover several
humanoids from Golarion already held within the plant’s
taproot. By freeing these individuals, the PCs destroy
the plant and cause the ship’s phase spike to activate and
immediately begin the transition of traveling back to the
Ethereal Plane. The PCs and newly freed captives must
race against time to reach the main deck and evacuate the
ship before they are carried along with it as it returns to
its mysterious wanderings through the ether.


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