Society - Ish

Hall of Drunken Heroes

7703 gp

Cayden Cailean’s silver tankard (50 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Gem of brightness (13,000 gp)
+1 wounding longsword (18,315 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Scroll of dismissal (700 gp)
Scroll of lesser restoration (150 gp)
Scroll of magic circle against evil (375 gp)
Scroll of restoration (700 gp)
Nine lives stealer (23,057 gp)
Scroll of atonement (1,125 gp)
Scroll of dispel evil (1,125 gp)

After Osprey and a gnome demonologist named Xersus beat
a few leads out of a pesky quasit, the PCs head to Cayden’s
Hall to investigate, though they arrive a little too late.
Seemingly a scene of carousal and drunken merriment,
the hall was infiltrated a few days ago by demons in search
of their imprisoned master. Ephierone used her guiles to
seduce a drunken cleric in the alehouse, a man none other
than Baldimar’s old ward, Brother Dunnamast, from whom
she uncovered the location of her lover, the demon Graz’ith
Ur Maurgith. She deployed her minions beneath Cayden’s
Hall to seek out her lover’s secret prison and remained
within the temple for a while, charming clerics to keep out
probing Pathfinders before she headed below to perform
a ritual to free her lover. When the PCs arrive, they must
break down her wall of beguiled drunken clerics in order to
gain audience with the high priestess of the hall.
After the PCs gain Saphira’s trust, she suggests
speaking with Baldimar’s ward, Brother Dunnamast,
concerning the activities of his late mentor. In seeking
him out, the PCs discover the cleric unconscious in one
of the lower cask rooms, suffering from a demonically
enhanced blackout. In an effort to save him, the PCs
summon Osprey and Xersus to the temple. Xersus
requests that the PCs aid him in a communal psychicsurgery
to help save Dunnamast. During a ceremony,
everyone in attendance enters a meditative dream realm
where they encounter a powerful primordial demon
that they must convince to release its hold on the cleric.
The combat takes place mentally, with all participants
in a dream-like state. Once a PC “dies,” he is expelled
from the dream realm (sustaining some real damage).
The challenge is to get as much information as possible
from Dunnamast before being ejected—specifically to
learn that the entrance to the lower chamber is in the
hall’s garden.
Entering into the lower chambers from the garden
access, the PCs follow a bloody trail to the archives where
they find a trapped door. Inside the archives they find
Ephierone herself and her shadow demon minion as they
wait for the ritual to complete in Graz’ith Ur Maurgith’s
binding chamber.
After that, the PCs find Baldimar Trud’s lab. It lies in
ruin—all of Trud’s unique, priceless, and irreplaceable
devices smashed by demons. The accidental mixing of
several dangerous chemicals created a toxic gas that,
when combined with the glass- and debris-littered floor,
makes the room very difficult to traverse.
The final conflict takes place in a secret binding
chamber adjacent to the lab. Here Graz’ith Ur Maurgith
and his demonic allies forced tortured clerics to undo
Baldimar’s binding, murdering several of them as
examples to force the remaining clerics to comply. The
PCs must slay the freed demon if they’re to save what
remains of the clerics of Cayden Cailean.


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