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Echoes of the Everwar, Part II: The Watcher of Ages

4,334 gp

1 dose of purple worm poison (Limit 3, 700 gp)
Hand of the mage (900 gp)
1/1 orc double axe (4,360 gp)
Ring of counterspells (4,000 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
Staff of swarming insects (22,800 gp)
Wand of protection from arrows (20 charges) (1,800 gp)

The PCs are sent by Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir
from Sothis into Cheliax to recover the ring of Meskhenet
the Wise from the Collapsed Halls. Specifically, the leads
the Pathfinders have indicate that the ring lies somewhere
underneath the Collapsed Halls. With their Pathfinder
contacts, the PCs are able to make their way up the Maiestas
River without incident until reaching the Collapsed Halls
themselves. There among the ruins they find a still-intact
subcellar. They discover within that it is now the lair of a
pack of barghests (greater barghests for the higher tier).
After dealing with these predators, the PCs face a seeming
dead end in the cellar. By either solving an ancient riddle
inscribed on the wall or successfully negotiating with a
xorn that roots through the ruins whenever the barghests
are away, they discover a sealed well that leads into secret
salt caverns beneath the ruins of the Collapsed Halls.
Traveling down this forgotten way, the PCs discover a
series of caverns, one of which is inhabited by a fiendish
gargoyle bandit and his band of gargoyle brigands.
Further on is a system of ledges that might be inhabited
by a colony of bats and cave fishers (this is an optional
encounter). Descending from these perilous ledges allows
the PCs to reach the floor of the salt cavern where there
lies the ruin of a portion of the Halls of Zuberi that fell
into the cavern when the fortress collapsed. Occupying
these trap-laden ruined halls are a band of cannibalistic
morlocks that worship the Watcher of Ages as a god and
seek to capture and feed upon any who would dare try to
reach the object of their devotion and try to profane it
with their presence.
Hidden within the center of the collapsed ruins is a
magical bubble of quicksilver. Passing within, the PCs
find an ancient roper, the Watcher of Ages, observing
the many images that appear on the inner surface of
his bubble and display what is occurring in the world
above. The PCs are able to see that the intact corpse of
Meskhenet has somehow been fused into the stony hide
of the roper, and they must either succeed in securing it
through negotiations with the strange beast or by force
of arms. Once the corpse is recovered, the PCs can return
with it and the ring to Osirion.


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