Society - Ish

King Xeros of Old Azlant

6,552 gp

+2 adamantine battleaxe (Cost: 11,310 gp)
+3 splint mail (Cost: 9,350 gp)
+1 ghost touch warhammer (Cost: 8,312 gp)
Gloves of dexterity +2 (Cost: 4,000 gp)

The PCs are dragged into the crisis occurring in
Absalom’s harbor by the manipulations of the city’s elite
through the city’s First Harbormaster. This happens to
dovetail nicely with the Pathfinders’ goal of getting a
team on board this strange vessel to explore its mysteries
before anyone else has a chance to do so. As a result, the
PCs quickly find themselves aboard a Harbor Guard sloop
being ferried out to the King Xeros where several Harbor
Guard and Wave Rider patrols have been keeping it safely
cordoned. Unfortunately, they arrive to find the Harbor
rescued the beleaguered guardsmen, the
surviving guard captain escorts the PCs down to the
armored deck where the Harbor Guard were in the midst
of attempting to breach a reinforced door to gain access
deeper into the ship. This door is a ghost portal and harbors
a spirit from the Ethereal Plane that must be overcome
either through a battle of wills or brute force in order
to explore further. Once beyond the ghost portal the PCs
begin to encounter the farthest extremities of a strange,
semi-corporeal plant of seemingly prodigious size. While
picking their way through these alien surroundings, the
PCs find themselves under attack by planewalking xill.
Fighting through the xill brings the PCs to the ship’s
helm where an immense puzzle box dominates the cabin,
inscribed with thousands of runic characters in obscure
languages. Powering the puzzle-box helm is the soul
energy of an entrapped night hag. By solving the mysteries
of the riddle box, the PCs are able to free the night hag and
learn the meaning and use of the ship. Discovering the
means to access the hold, the PCs confront the xenophage
creeper that the xill have cultivated to control the ship
and hold captives safely until brought to the xill home
in the Ethereal Plane. After battling the xill and some of
the creeper’s predatory tendrils, the PCs discover several
humanoids from Golarion already held within the plant’s
taproot. By freeing these individuals, the PCs destroy
the plant and cause the ship’s phase spike to activate and
immediately begin the transition of traveling back to the
Ethereal Plane. The PCs and newly freed captives must
race against time to reach the main deck and evacuate the
ship before they are carried along with it as it returns to
its mysterious wanderings through the ether.

No Plunder NoPay

7749 gp

Bottle of air (7,250 gp)
Cloak of the manta ray (7,200 gp)
Elixir of swimming (250 gp)
Javelin of lightning (Limit 1; 1,500 gp)
Periapt of health (7,500 gp)
+2 rapier (8,320 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
Scroll of animate dead (375 gp)
Scroll of contagion (375 gp)
Scroll of desecrate (150 gp)
Scroll of water breathing (375 gp)
+1 shadow studded leather (4,925 gp)
Waverider’s gold-plated wayfinder (550 gp)
+2 dwarven waraxe (8,330 gp)
Javelin of lightning (Limit 3; 1,500 gp)
Pearl of power (3rd) (9,000 gp)
Ring of protection +3 (18,000 gp)
+2 shadow studded leather (7,925)

The adventure begins outside of a seaside bastion wherein Caradoc Alazario awaits in shackles. The PCs must decide either to infiltrate or assault the bastion. If the PCs are discovered, prison guards and watch dogs attack them. On escape, the players make their way toward a docked ship belonging to a Chelish privateer. Fortunately, the ship’s crew celebrates recent plunders inside far away taverns and brothels and only the captain and a few others remain behind to defend their ship. The PCs can wrest control of this ship and travel to the location of the sunken Infernal Reward. With the newly stolen ship, Caradoc Alazario pilots the PCs into open waters in search of the shipwreck. Once on the open sea, a great sea monster attacks. During a windstorm, the PCs reach the shipwreck site, but as the stolen ship struggles amidst the storm, the Infernal Reward sails from out of the spray. In disbelief, Caradoc releases the stolen ship’s helm, causing the ship to flounder. The players can rally with skill and ability checks to get the ship back under control. Social skills may be used to snap Caradoc out from his stupor, eliciting his expertise. As the Infernal Reward courses closer, it becomes obvious that the ship is ethereal and its angry crew is none other than the ghosts of sailors who drowned aboard Caradoc’s doomed vessel. Intent on claiming their dishonorable captain, the ghosts attack Caradoc. Furthermore, bloated lacedons rise from the seabed and climb up the PC’s ship. The PCs have to decide whether to defend Caradoc and enter the battle, or hand the poor captain over to the hungry ghosts and thus save themselves. Once the undead are defeated, or appeased, the ghost ship sails over its wreck site and supernaturally ignites, reenacting its sinking at the hands of Her Majestrix’s Navy. If the PCs swim down to the shipwreck, the temperature falls rapidly, giving the sea a fell chill as the underwater tomb of the Infernal Reward comes into view. A partially charred ship rests at an awkward angle tilted on the seabed. Finally, the players can enter the ship’s hold and search for the disks. Through a maze of chambers, shadowy undead harry the PCs. The disks are guarded by a vicious cephalopod, bound to Urgathoa’s will, and the PCs must destroy the octopus in order to retrieve the disks.

Hall of Drunken Heroes

7703 gp

Cayden Cailean’s silver tankard (50 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Gem of brightness (13,000 gp)
+1 wounding longsword (18,315 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Scroll of dismissal (700 gp)
Scroll of lesser restoration (150 gp)
Scroll of magic circle against evil (375 gp)
Scroll of restoration (700 gp)
Nine lives stealer (23,057 gp)
Scroll of atonement (1,125 gp)
Scroll of dispel evil (1,125 gp)

After Osprey and a gnome demonologist named Xersus beat
a few leads out of a pesky quasit, the PCs head to Cayden’s
Hall to investigate, though they arrive a little too late.
Seemingly a scene of carousal and drunken merriment,
the hall was infiltrated a few days ago by demons in search
of their imprisoned master. Ephierone used her guiles to
seduce a drunken cleric in the alehouse, a man none other
than Baldimar’s old ward, Brother Dunnamast, from whom
she uncovered the location of her lover, the demon Graz’ith
Ur Maurgith. She deployed her minions beneath Cayden’s
Hall to seek out her lover’s secret prison and remained
within the temple for a while, charming clerics to keep out
probing Pathfinders before she headed below to perform
a ritual to free her lover. When the PCs arrive, they must
break down her wall of beguiled drunken clerics in order to
gain audience with the high priestess of the hall.
After the PCs gain Saphira’s trust, she suggests
speaking with Baldimar’s ward, Brother Dunnamast,
concerning the activities of his late mentor. In seeking
him out, the PCs discover the cleric unconscious in one
of the lower cask rooms, suffering from a demonically
enhanced blackout. In an effort to save him, the PCs
summon Osprey and Xersus to the temple. Xersus
requests that the PCs aid him in a communal psychicsurgery
to help save Dunnamast. During a ceremony,
everyone in attendance enters a meditative dream realm
where they encounter a powerful primordial demon
that they must convince to release its hold on the cleric.
The combat takes place mentally, with all participants
in a dream-like state. Once a PC “dies,” he is expelled
from the dream realm (sustaining some real damage).
The challenge is to get as much information as possible
from Dunnamast before being ejected—specifically to
learn that the entrance to the lower chamber is in the
hall’s garden.
Entering into the lower chambers from the garden
access, the PCs follow a bloody trail to the archives where
they find a trapped door. Inside the archives they find
Ephierone herself and her shadow demon minion as they
wait for the ritual to complete in Graz’ith Ur Maurgith’s
binding chamber.
After that, the PCs find Baldimar Trud’s lab. It lies in
ruin—all of Trud’s unique, priceless, and irreplaceable
devices smashed by demons. The accidental mixing of
several dangerous chemicals created a toxic gas that,
when combined with the glass- and debris-littered floor,
makes the room very difficult to traverse.
The final conflict takes place in a secret binding
chamber adjacent to the lab. Here Graz’ith Ur Maurgith
and his demonic allies forced tortured clerics to undo
Baldimar’s binding, murdering several of them as
examples to force the remaining clerics to comply. The
PCs must slay the freed demon if they’re to save what
remains of the clerics of Cayden Cailean.

Echoes of the Everwar, PART IV: The Faithless Dead

4,436 gp

Hero of Sothis: You have twice rescued artifacts of important significance for the nation of Osirion. The Ruby Prince himself grants you a one-use magic item known as the amulet of glory. You may call upon the powers of this amulet once when making an initiative check to receive a +10 bonus on that check. Once used, the amulet dissolves to dust and is no longer usable, and you should place a line through this entry on the chronicle sheet. You may only receive this reward if you have played all four parts of the Echoes of the Everwar arc.

Amulet of natural armor +1 (2,000 gp)
Bracers of armor +2 (8,000 gp)
+1 flaming shortsword (8,310 gp)
Giant wasp poison (Limit 10; 210 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Potion of displacement (750 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (4,000 gp)
Screaming bolt (Limit 2; 267 gp)
Wand of acid arrow (21 charges) (Limit 1; 1,890 gp)
Wand of enervation (9 charges) (Limit 1; 3,780 gp)

Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir summons the PCs to
the Pathfinder Lodge in Sothis to inform them about
the theft of the concubine remains from the Necropolis
of the Faithful, and to ask their assistance in tracking
them down again. However, before the PCs arrive, the
death cultists take Balentiir prisoner and lay a trap
for them in retaliation for their perceived alliance
with Zuberi. Upon defeating the cultists, and either
interrogating the survivors or consulting Balentiir,
the PCs learn of Zuberi’s curse, his connection to the
concubines, and the threat he poses to Osirion and the
entire Inner Sea region.
Balentiir suggests they consult an elder gynosphinx
named Sekhmanu to help locate the bodies and
learn more about Zuberi before opposing him. After
impressing the sphinx with gifts of knowledge and an
exchange of riddles, Sekhmanu helps the PCs by casting
legend lore on each of the personal items (sword, staff,
and wand) that once belonged to the concubines. This
process unleashes their spirits, which manifest and
impart additional information about Zuberi and his
allies. Then the concubines pledge to aid the PCs by
leading them to Zuberi.
Zuberi’s tomb lies within the Necropolis of the
Faithful. To identify the proper entrance leading from
his false burial chamber into the deeper passageways
of his treasure-laden stronghold, the PCs must solve
a simple puzzle of hieroglyphs. Once inside, they
discover the slaughtered remains of the second group
of death cultists sent to stop him. Making their
way past several traps, they then encounter Zuberi’s
former slaves and bodyguards, raised from the dead
to serve him again. These sentinels exist as living
monoliths (a prestige class from Pathfinder Campaign
Setting: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs), imbued with ancient
powers and protections from the great sphinxes of
a bygone age. Winning past these guardians, the
PCs then come face to face with an immense ettin
with the heads of a jackal and a falcon, a champion
partially possessed by Zuberi’s spirit by means of a
magic jar spell.
If the PCs defeat the guardians, they interrupt Zuberi’s
wizard before he can complete the ritual, leaving him a
frail, dying old man bereft of the life given to him from
his concubines. The power of the rings broken, Zuberi
withers away, leaving behind only dust and sand.

Echoes of the Everwar, Part III: Terror at Whistledown

4,378 gp

Protector of Whistledown: You have saved the gnome community of Whistledown in distant Varisia. News of your great dead travels far in the gnome community, and you gain a +1 bonus on all Charisma-based checks with gnomes.

1 dose of medium spider venom (limit 2, 150 gp)
Cloak of resistance +3 (9,000 gp)
Headband of alluring charisma +4 (16,000 gp)
+1 keen falchion (8,375 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Potion of inflict moderate wounds (300 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)

The PCs are tasked by Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir
of the Sothis Lodge to investigate the quaint gnome
community of Whistledown in Varisia and find the corpse
of a great Osirian concubine thought to be lost there.
When the PCs arrive, they are greeted by a frightened and
timid populace who beseech their help. Terrors plague
the town’s night streets, they say, and already many of
their townsfolk are missing. After agreeing to guard their
marketplace that night, the PCs encounter the undead
minions of Kamilah, who arrive searching for more slaves.
After the attack, clues lead the PCs to the smuggler Sarian’s
home along the shores of the lake near town. Sarian, after
some negotiating, admits that he first saw the undead on
the nearby island but refuses to accompany the PCs there.
The PCs instead take his boat, found outside of town after
the PCs thwart an undead attack, and make their way out
to the source of the evil plaguing the town. Along the way,
they are possibly attacked by giant snakes attracted to the
area by the ring’s power (optional encounter). After dealing
with the snakes, the PCs find the smuggler’s den in a
ruined fort and climb down into its belly, where they find
more of the undead plaguing Whistledown (one of whom
is the famed Osirian concubine Kamilah) and their ring
leader: the vampire Vanyth.

Echoes of the Everwar, Part II: The Watcher of Ages

4,334 gp

1 dose of purple worm poison (Limit 3, 700 gp)
Hand of the mage (900 gp)
1/1 orc double axe (4,360 gp)
Ring of counterspells (4,000 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
Staff of swarming insects (22,800 gp)
Wand of protection from arrows (20 charges) (1,800 gp)

The PCs are sent by Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir
from Sothis into Cheliax to recover the ring of Meskhenet
the Wise from the Collapsed Halls. Specifically, the leads
the Pathfinders have indicate that the ring lies somewhere
underneath the Collapsed Halls. With their Pathfinder
contacts, the PCs are able to make their way up the Maiestas
River without incident until reaching the Collapsed Halls
themselves. There among the ruins they find a still-intact
subcellar. They discover within that it is now the lair of a
pack of barghests (greater barghests for the higher tier).
After dealing with these predators, the PCs face a seeming
dead end in the cellar. By either solving an ancient riddle
inscribed on the wall or successfully negotiating with a
xorn that roots through the ruins whenever the barghests
are away, they discover a sealed well that leads into secret
salt caverns beneath the ruins of the Collapsed Halls.
Traveling down this forgotten way, the PCs discover a
series of caverns, one of which is inhabited by a fiendish
gargoyle bandit and his band of gargoyle brigands.
Further on is a system of ledges that might be inhabited
by a colony of bats and cave fishers (this is an optional
encounter). Descending from these perilous ledges allows
the PCs to reach the floor of the salt cavern where there
lies the ruin of a portion of the Halls of Zuberi that fell
into the cavern when the fortress collapsed. Occupying
these trap-laden ruined halls are a band of cannibalistic
morlocks that worship the Watcher of Ages as a god and
seek to capture and feed upon any who would dare try to
reach the object of their devotion and try to profane it
with their presence.
Hidden within the center of the collapsed ruins is a
magical bubble of quicksilver. Passing within, the PCs
find an ancient roper, the Watcher of Ages, observing
the many images that appear on the inner surface of
his bubble and display what is occurring in the world
above. The PCs are able to see that the intact corpse of
Meskhenet has somehow been fused into the stony hide
of the roper, and they must either succeed in securing it
through negotiations with the strange beast or by force
of arms. Once the corpse is recovered, the PCs can return
with it and the ring to Osirion.

Echoes of the Everwar: Part 1 The Prisoner of Skull Hill

4401 gp

Hand of glory (8,000 gp)
Metamagic rod of lesser silent (3,000 gp)
Pearl of power (2nd) (4,000 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Potion of eagle’s splendor (300 gp)
Potion of invisibility (300 gp)
Ring of counterspells (4,000 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)

The scenario begins with the PCs ordered by Venture-
Captain Norden Balentiir to travel to a remote outpost
in the Hold of Belkzen known as Skull Hill. The PCs are
sent to find two things: the whereabouts of a Pathfinder
delver named Heralt who was last seen there and has
not been heard from since, and the truth or falsehood
of a claim in an old Pathfinder Chronicle that describes
a hidden tomb beneath Skull Hill—a tomb that’s said
to hold the body of a famous Osirian sorceress and her
powerful magic ring.
The PCs spend a month aboard a ship that takes
them across the Inner Sea, up the Sellen River, across
stormy Lake Encarthan, up the Path, and f inally to
Vigil, the walled capital of Lastwall. From there, they
travel overland to the hidden valley in which Skull
Hill is said to rest. Arriving there, they f ind Skull Hill
destroyed, clearly by an orcish assault. Though all of
the Chelish citizens that resided there are dead, the PCs
f ind orcs twisted into strange skeletal creatures as well
as terrif ied orc survivors who attack the PCs on sight,
sure that the strangers are responsible for the events
that befell Skull Hill.
The PCs then have two choices: they can either
investigate the timber tower atop the fort’s motte, where
they’ll find an alien orc sorcerer named Krug who can
either be a terrible foe or a helpful ally, as well as the
corpse of Heralt, or they can investigate the caverns
beneath Skull Hill, where they’ll find a hideous orcshaped
moonflower and the final resting place of Akila,
Zuberi’s sorceress concubine, and the source of the evil
magics that turned the orcs of Skull Hill into undead

The City of Strangers, Part 2: The Twofold Demise

3,381 gp

Elixir of love (150 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Potion of invisibility (300 gp)
Belt of incredible Dexterity +2 (4,000 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Wand of cure light wounds (50 charges) (750 gp)
Wand of scorching ray (50 charges) (4,500 gp)

The scenario begins with the PCs summoned once more
to Dakar’s secret club. Black bags are slipped over their
heads and they are stuffed into a dusty wagon that drive
around in circles for an hour before the PCs are unloaded,
marched through side streets and small passages, and then
presented to Dakar. The mysterious benefactor of the PCs
is never seen—instead, he stands behind a backlit screen
and speaks to the PCs from there. He tells them that it’s
time they repaid the favor they owe him and to that end he
wishes for the PCs to track down and kill the remainder
of the Shadow Lodge in Kaer Maga. He will not accept no
for an answer and makes it quite clear that should the PCs
refuse, the Ardocs and the Commerce League will murder
everyone tangentially related to the Society—both Shadow
Lodge Pathfinders and loyal Pathfinders alike—and cut
the city off from the Grand Lodge forever.
Dakar can offer no clues this time and it’s up to the PCs
to search the streets of the City of Strangers once more,
putting feelers out among their contacts and asking
locals what they know. At some point, the PCs wander
into the farmer’s market known as Meatgate, and while
they are asking around, they are ambushed by Shadow
Lodge Pathfinders who hope to kill the PCs before they
can learn anything else.
Once the PCs defeat the Shadow Lodge thugs, they
find several clues on them that lead the PCs to suspect
the Shadow Lodge has set up their headquarters in an
abandoned prison known only as the Temple. The PCs
head there and not only find the Shadow Lodge, but
discover a great deal about their plans, intentions, and
goals for the entire Inner Sea region.

City of Strangers, Part 1: The Shadow Gambit

3,246 gp

Scroll of invisibility (150 gp)
Scroll of silence (150 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Scroll of dimension door (700 gp)
Headband of alluring Charisma +2 (4,000 gp)
Necklace of fireballs, type I (1,650 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)
Scroll of gaseous form (375 gp)

The scenario begins with the PCs’ arrival at the Twisted
Door, the entrance to the quickest but most dangerous
way to access Kaer Maga, the City of Strangers. Here
they meet the city’s famed Duskwardens who, for a small
fee, escort travelers up the dangerous and diff icult
Half light Path, a series of tunnels, underground ruins,
and cliff side paths that wind slowly and steeply from the
bottom of the immensely tall cliffs, called the Storval
Rise, on which the City of Stranger’s thick, alien walls
rest. The Duskwardens pride themselves on providing
safe passage, so they are surprised when, halfway up
the path, the caravan is set upon by a screaming mass
of smelly goblins. The PCs are quickly divided from
the group and must battle the goblins in a side cavern,
even while they hear the Duskwardens defending the
remainder of the caravan in the nearby passages. Once
the goblins are defeated, the Duskwardens express
incredulous apologies—goblins are not a typical foe in
the Half light Path, and the area they attacked from has
been sealed for years.
Many hours later, tired and worn out, the PCs finally
reach the top of the path and enter Kaer Maga, the City of
Strangers. Built within and between eight-story-tall and
massively thick ancient walls, the city is a cacophony of
outcasts, outsiders, and misfits gathered together in a city
of wildly various sights, sounds, and smells. The PCs head
for the home of the merchant Horis Collgardie high atop
the district known as Bis, a district built mostly within
an enormous cavern eaten from one of the city’s walls. At
Collgardie’s home, the PCs find the merchant slain, but
before they can investigate are attacked by a gang of goons
hidden in the home’s back rooms, seemingly waiting for
the PCs. Once the goons are put down or captured, the
PCs learn that a man named Besel Ardoc hired them.
This is the only clue the PCs have at this point about the
death of Collgardie.
After spending most of a day asking around Kaer
Maga about Besel Ardoc, the PCs find him at the Augur’s
Entrails. Guarded by imposing iron golems, Besel is
amused to discover that the PCs are Pathfinders and
not the Shadow Lodge assassins he was sure murdered
his friend Collgardie. At this point, Besel tells the PCs
that he asked Collgardie to send the letter to Dreng
after the mysterious leader of the Commerce League, a
man known only as Dakar, offered Besel a favor to do so.
Inferring that the letter Collgardie sent and
his death soon after were linked, Besel hired
the goons to wait for the Shadow Lodge
to return to ransack the cloth merchant’s
home. When the PCs arrived, the goons
simply assumed the PCs were the Shadow
Lodge assassins.
At this point, Besel tells the PCs that if
they want to learn more, they’re going to
have to try to find Dakar and ask him what’s
going on—the Ardocs are not involved
and won’t be. He adds that finding Dakar
will likely be impossible.
Once the PCs begin directly asking
for Dakar, the response is swift: the
PCs are approached by a large group of
toughs claiming to be Dakar’s men. They
inform the PCs that Dakar, completely
unlike his normal self, has asked for the
PCs directly, and that they simply cannot
refuse Dakar’s rare and generous offer to
speak with the PCs. There’s a catch: the PCs
must agree to have bags placed over their heads and be
driven around in a blacked-out wagon for an hour before
they meet Dakar. His location is a closely-guarded secret,
and this is the only way in which anyone visits the head of
the Commerce League.
Once the PCs agree, they are bagged, stuffed into a dusty
wagon, and driven around for an hour or more. Then they
are dragged from the wagon, led through a series of hallways,
and brought before a backlit screen, where the bags are
removed from their heads. Here, the PCs “meet” Dakar, who
spends the entire conversation behind the screen. He tells
the PCs a great deal about Collgardie, Besel Ardoc, and their
entanglement with the Shadow Lodge. He then agrees to
make things very easy for them: should the PCs agree to owe
Dakar a favor, he will gladly point the PCs at the one known
hideout of the Shadow Lodge. Should the PCs agree, Dakar
tells them of a theater in the Bis district that the Shadow
Lodge has been using to plan missions and organize their
goblin minions. Oh yes, explains Dakar, it was the Shadow
Lodge who assaulted the PCs in the Halflight Path.
After the meeting with Dakar, the PCs are removed
from his presence the same way they came in, and head
for the Naderi Theater in Bis. Should the players have
time, a Shadow Lodge sorcerer and a gang of goblins, who
have been hunting the darkened streets for the PCs all
day, may ambush them on the way. After the ambush, the
PCs arrive at Naderi Theater, where they find a Shadow
Lodge bard and his summoned creatures. Defeating the
bard only unlocks more mysteries about the Lodge and
Kaer Maga; the scenario ends here on a cliffhanger with
directions for the players to continue the scenario arc
with Part II, The Twofold Demise.

The Pallid Plague

3,419 gp

Antiplague (50 gp; as antitoxin, except for diseases)
Potion of remove disease (750 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)
Scroll of lesser restoration (150 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Potion of bear’s endurance (300 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Wand of cure moderate wounds (25 charges) (Limit 1; 2,250 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Pathfinder pouch (1,000 gp)
Pearl of power (2nd level) (4,000 gp)
+2 scale mail (4,200 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
Wand of cure moderate wounds (4,500 gp)

Exemplar of Falcon’s Hollow: You have saved the town of Falcon’s Hollow from certain death. As a result, you are now a famed Andoran adventurer and gain a +1 circumstance bonus on any Charisma-based checks with any citizen of Andoran.
Hero of the Fey: You have saved the fey of Darkmoon Wood from certain death. As a result, you may automatically succeed on one Charisma-based check when dealing with fey in the future. Fey are chaotic and their memories tend to run short—as a result, you may use this boon only once, after which it is discarded.
Failed Savior of Andoran: Your failure to prevent the spread of palepox among the citizens of Falcon’s Hollow earns you the enmity of its citizens. You are unwelcome in the Darkmoon Vale region of Andoran, and all of the locals automatically view you as unfriendly during Diplomacy checks.
Enemy of the Fey: Your failure to prevent the spread of palepox among the fey of Darkmoon Wood earns you the enmity of fey everywhere. You suffer a permanent –1 penalty to any Charisma-based checks when dealing with fey.

At Syntira and Venture-Captain Brackett’s suggestion, the
PCs investigate a lumber camp in the Darkmoon Wood
suspected of involvement in the palepox epidemic. They
arrive to find the camp besieged by undead animals, the
former companions of the ex-druid gardeners tending
the flamebloom fields. Each is stuffed like a rag doll with
bright red, orange, and yellow flowers. These variant plague
zombies carry palepox instead of zombie rot, providing the
PCs with their first exposure to the disease.
The ungrateful, suspicious, and palepox-infected
lumberjacks offer little cooperation when the PCs
interrogate them. If the PCs persuade them, the workers
divulge that they saw the flowers stuffed in the plague
zombies in a nearby deep-woods farm tended by known
ex-druids. One survivor is sick enough to offer to escort
the PCs there if they agree to help him get to town to see
Laurel, Falcon’s Hollow’s herbalist, for a cure.
At the flamebloom field, the Pathfinders uncover a team
of palepox-infected ex-druids tending the flowers. These
cultists sacrificed their animal companions to Urgathoa
and abandoned their call to revere nature, choosing
instead to relish in the death and decay that comes at the
end of the life cycle. The cultists are alert and ready for a
second wave of invaders after the lumberjacks stumbled
upon their secret farm earlier. They know that they are
not effective in combat and choose instead to lure the
Pathfinders into the center of the field to expose them
to the flowers’ contagious pollen. Investigation reveals
that the druids and the flowers carry palepox, and
interrogation exposes the Fiendblood Covenant’s plot to
spread the plague through the flowers.
Safely back in Falcon’s Hollow, the PCs consult Laurel,
the town’s resident healer. Through the use of skill checks,
the Pathfinders can piece together enough information to
delay the effects of the disease or even cure it through nonmagical
means. They must gain access to Laurel’s workshop
and recipe books, decipher the ancient tomes, formulate an
herbal cure, find ingredients, and brew the remedy.
With the newfound cure, the Pathfinders head back
to the Wood to present it to Syntira. Leaving town, they
glimpse several Urgathoan beggars bringing wagons
of flamebloom flowers into Falcon’s Hollow. Upon
further investigation, the Pathfinders discover that the
Fiendblood Covenant plan a gluttonous feast that night
in a grove outside town celebrating the plague’s release
on the unsuspecting population.
As the PCs make their way into the woods toward the
feast, one of Syntira’s satyr patrols stops them. The PCs
need to convince the suspicious and fear-addled fey of
their alliance with the nymph queen or that they found
a cure to the disease. If the Pathfinders provoke them or
fail to prove their friendliness, the satyrs do not hesitate
to defend their forest.
A short distance outside the city, the Pathfinders
disrupt a great banquet thrown by cultists both living and
undead. Mounds of tainted flamebloom blossoms form
piles atop a bone table as the revelers gorge themselves
with the raw flowers, drinking from human skull goblets
of moldy wine. Startled by the interruption, many of the
cultists flee into the woods, but Vondrella, overseeing
the ritual, remains with several flower-stuffed, maggotridden
plague zombie minions. She vows to continue the
feast even without revelers, dining not on flowers but on
the bodies of the interlopers.


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