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The Devil We Know: Part IV The Rules of the Swift

Aquired: 1,250gp

Bracers of archery (lesser) (5,000 gp)
Potion of inflict moderate wounds (300 gp)

On the orders of Venture-Captain Hestia Themis, the
PCs accompany Nefti, an Aspis Consortium agent they
met in Shipyard Rats, to Swift Prison to pursue the derro
kidnappers. Once at the Swift’s gates, Nefti recounts his
rehearsed story, telling the PCs that in order to follow the
derros’ escape route and access the Ismacco tunnels, they
must enter the prison.
After leaving Nefti, the PCs also perform Hestia’s
second request—to verify the presence of an ancient
chapel bell artifact called the bell of obedience. The PCs
have two choices here and can either proceed to the chapel
and verify the presence of the bell of obedience, or the PCs
can decide to head directly to the central keep and pursue
the derros and their fresh slaves.
Once inside, the PCs discover a gruesome scene in the
prison yard: a mutilated rust monster pierced with barbed
crossbow bolts lies crumpled in the dirt. Surrounding the
aberration several derros lie rotting, their bled corpses
robbed of any metallic scraps. As the PCs investigate
the scene, an earth elemental left behind by the derros,
bursts from the ground and attacks.
After defeating the elemental, the PCs enter the
keep, where they find evidence of the derro invasion.
Remnants of iron bars lie rusted and destroyed, leaving
an appearance of total disarray within the keep. While
exploring the keep, the PCs find a journal left behind that
gives the PCs some clues as to how they should progress.
Descending into the dank cellars nicknamed Stavian’s
Fair, the PCs encounter a familiar face: the Crazed Painter
(see Crypt of Fools). Inside a large room, the demented
artist furiously paints a wall mural. The PCs must bring
some lucidity to the Crazed Painter in order to elicit
information about the derro kidnappings.
After the PCs finish their chat with the painter, they
delve into the sewer through a secret door and find a
room guarded by a ghast with several Swift Prison thieftakers
in cells suffering from ghoul fever.
After the encounter with the ghast, the PCs wind
through the Ismacco tunnel system and descend into the
Darklands beneath the city. After some time, the PCs find
a room with signs of a battle—it seems the derros’ slaves,
the mites, tried to engage in a coup against their masters
and were slaughtered.
In the next cavern, the PCs find a grotto with
a disgusting pool and witness the derros herding
prisoners into that pool. Once the derros see the PCs,
they prepare to attack but are then attacked themselves
by prisoners and mite slaves, leaving the PCs to deal with
a smaller band of foes. Should the PCs defeat the derros,
they rescue the prisoners and end the derro menace in
Cassomir for a time.

The Devil You Know, Part 1: Shipyard Rats

Aquired: 1324gp

Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible

Aquired: 553gp

Mask of the Tiger’s Eye (55 gp)

The PCs are ordered by Venture-Captain Mihir to captain
a false caravan bound for Niswan bearing a few crates of
minor magical trinkets and a false copy of the legendary
scepter of the arclords. The PCs are to follow a map provided by
Mihir that points them right into Zamir’s bandit territory
where they are to be ambushed, put up a bit of a fight, but then
allow Zamir’s bandits to escape relatively unharmed and
carrying the fake scepter of the arclords. Once accomplished,
the PCs are to track the scepter using a specially attuned
wayfinder that always points toward the fake scepter, then
find Zamir and end his operations—either forcefully or by
convincing him that joining the Pathfinders will bring him
the notoriety he seeks among the people of Jalmeray.
On the second night of guiding the caravan out of Padiskar,
the PCs encounter another small caravan camped beside the
road. Although the PCs might suspect that these are Zamir’s
men, they are actually agents of the Thakur of Jalmeray on
their own mission to catch Zamir. It seems the Thakur has
grown tired of this Zamir and his “tigers” of the northern
jungles and wants them put to the sword. The PCs will need to
negotiate with the Thakur’s men to insure they don’t disrupt
the Pathfinder plan to capture the bandit leader.
That night, Zamir’s bandits attack the PCs camp (whether
or not they’ve camped with the Thakur’s men will greatly
influence the outcome of this battle), and the PCs must put
up a small resistance but allow the bandits to escape with
the scepter. It’s up to the PCs and their diplomatic skills as to
whether or not the Thakur’s men allow the plan to happen.
Once the bandits take the scepter, the PCs can use the
specially attuned wayfinder to follow the scepter to Zamir’s
hideout at the ruined Tiger’s Eye Monastery. Once the PCs
defeat the bandits, they’ll need to deal with the Tiger’s Eye
monks before proceeding into the basement.
In the basement, the PCs encounter more monks who guard
the imprisoned wizards doing Zamir’s work. They may also
need to deal with an animated statue designed for training
the monks. Finally, they meet Zamir and either shut down his
operation or recruit him to work for the Pathfinders.

Voice in the Void

Aquired: 501gp

Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Stone of alarm (2,700 gp)
Wand of color spray (750 gp)

At the behest of Venture-Captain Adril Hestram, the
PCs venture into the basement of the Blakros Museum
to find Imrizade Blakros and the missing watchmen,
and the cause of the disappearances. In the museum’s
storerooms, the PCs must fight through guardian statues
and taxidermy exhibits animated by the ghostly brain of
Kubburum Ishme-dagan.
Proceeding further into the basement, the PCs face
bizarre aberrations and oozes drawn to the museum by
the power the Gate of Beyond. In a dusty scriptorium,
the PCs can find clues as to the real nature of the threat,
and how to defeat it. Farther inside, the PCs discover
that the museum’s library has become home to a colony
of alien molds and fungi, including a disturbing variety
of intelligent, carnivorous fungus from the planet
Aucturn. Once they overcome these hazards, the PCs
discover the shaft leading to the hidden rooms beneath
the basement.
After navigating the deep shaft, the PCs emerge into
an anteroom where they must contend with a trap placed
to deter intruders, before finally entering the hidden
chambers of the Gate of Beyond. There, in her sanctum,
the PCs face the aberrant sorcerer Imrizade Blakros,
connected to the Gate of Beyond by fungoid umbilicals.
To prevent Imrizade from opening the portal to the Dark
Tapestry and unleashing terrifying horrors on Absalom,
the PCs must defeat her zombie minions (the remains of
the museum’s unfortunate watchmen) and somehow end
Imrizade’s possession by her ghostly master Kubburum

Mists of Mwangi

Aquired: 480gp

Feather token (bird) (Cost: 300 gp)
Jambala Jaeg cloth (scroll of break enchantment) (Cost: 1,125 gp)
Scroll of cure moderate wounds (Cost: 200 gp)
Scroll of false life (Cost: 150 gp)
Scroll of dispel magic (Cost: 375 gp)

The PCs are charged by a Pathfinder venture-captain
to brave the mist-filled Blakros Museum and seek out
the curator, one Nigel Aldain, an ex-Pathfinder who
hates the Society and has long denied them access to the
museum’s many artifacts. Within, they brave exhibits
come to life, walking dead, possessed museum staff, and
monkey spirits composed of pure evil. They must defeat
these menaces, and root out the cause of the museum’s
curse—three living idols dedicated to Angazhan, housed
in the North Exhibit Hall’s Mwangi Exhibit. Doing so
could earn the renewed membership of Nigel Aldain and
save countless important relics from the wrath of the
Ape God.

First Steps, Part III: A Vision of Betrayal

Aquired: 401gp
Kayle’s Blessing You gain a +1 luck bonus on any saving throw against a dragon’s
breath weapon. This bonus can be applied after a roll is made but before the results
are determined. You may only use this ability once per saving throw. This ability may
be used three times.

Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Scroll of spider climb (150 gp)
Wand of cure light wounds (750 gp)
Wand of magic missile (25 charges; 375 gp)

The adventure begins at the Grand Lodge in Absalom,
where Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng asks the PCs to
escort a relics broker named Nester Rees across the Isle
of Kortos to the Grindylow’s Goblet in Escadar. Once in
Escadar, the PCs must also ensure that Rees successfully
negotiates a deal between the gillmen and the Pathfinder
Society to exchange a Society relic for a more valuable
relic in the gillmen’s possession.
To get to Escadar, the PCs face an approximately
7-day-long journey across the Isle of Kortos’s untamed
interior. Along their journey, the PCs venture through
dark forests, cold mountain passes, and fetid marshlands
before once more reaching civilization, where they can
hire a boat to carry them across the channel to Escadar.
During the first leg of their journey, the PCs enter
a dark forest, and here a small band of centaurs warns
them about a recent predator that stalks these once quiet
woods. As the PCs pass through the woods, a 2-day-long
journey, a krenshar stalks and eventually attacks them.
On the second leg of the PCs’ journey, their path
starts to climb steeply into the jagged tors of the Kortos
Mounts. Travel through the mountain pass takes another
2 days, and the PCs must survive the harsh cold of the
high altitude air.
As the PCs advance through the mountains, they spy a
shrine resting on mountain ledge; those wishing to make
the pilgrimage can pay their respects to a long-fallen
hero with an important tie to the Isle of Kortos’s history.
Even after they reach the end of the mountain pass and
descend once more into the lowlands, the adventurers’
circumstances do not improve, for they find themselves
in a fetid bog. Bloodsucking leeches, disease-infested
miasma, and an encounter with a crazy kobold druid
mark the last leg of the heroes’ wilderness travels before
they reach the fishing village of Pier’s End.
Arriving in Pier’s End, the PCs must deal with the
locals and hire a captain to take them across the strait
to Escadar.
Once in Escadar, the PCs need only to arrange a
meeting at the Grindylow’s Goblet, a waterside tavern
where the gillmen agreed to meet. Once there, the Aspis
Consortium gillmen’s plot comes to fruition, and they
attempt first to swindle the Society with a fake relic in
trade, and then to simply steal the Society’s relic if their
ruse is uncovered.

First Steps-Part 2: To Delve the Dungeon Deep

Aquired: 419gp

Bracers of armor +1 (1,000 gp)
Pearl of power [1st level] (1,000 gp)
Potion of blur (300 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)

The adventure starts with a celebration hosted by Tian
venture-captain Amara Li, at the Lantern Lodge in
Absalom’s Petal District. While the PCs partake in the
festivities, Li gives them a mission to explore a recently
discovered ruin in the Cairnlands and
retrieve a ceremonial jade katana
that once belonged to her ancestor.
After the PCs accept her mission,
two other notable figures at the
party approach them with additional
tasks—Major Colson Maldris of the
Andoren Eagle Knights tasks them
with destroying any undead they may
encounter during their mission, while the Qadiran
Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam of House Damaq asks them
to retrieve a number of valuable trade agreements he
believes to be located in the ruined keep.
The following morning, the PCs travel beyond the
city walls to Asad’s Keep, in the rocky foothills of the
Kortos Mounts. At the entrance, they encounter a former
Pathfinder, Maurit Zergo, who met an unfortunate end
and is now finishing the terrible transition from life
to undeath as a ghoul. She offers to assist the PCs, but
eventually turns on them if they don’t destroy her first.
Within the ruins themselves, the PCs may explore a
number of rooms in the order of their choosing, facing
various monstrous denizens, a haunted well, and a
series of elementally attuned traps. In the depths of the
dungeon live a small tribe of kobolds, followers of a skulk
charlatan pretending to be a prophet of the Fire God.
Once the PCs have defeated these kobolds or turning
them against their master, they may face Fledzer, the
skulk con artist, and retrieve the ceremonial jade katana
they were sent to find.

First Steps-Part 1: In Service to Lore

Aquired: 417gp

Access To:
Elixir of hiding (250 gp)
Potion of invisibility (300 gp)
Scroll of remove disease (375 gp)
Wand of disguise self (5 charges, 75 gp)
Wand of knock (11 charges; 990 gp)

Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin charges the beginner Pathfinders to complete a list of tasks for the Pathfinder Society. These small tasks are too simple and menial for established agents to deal with, but perfect to test the capabilities of new recruits. After a short speech about what it takes to be a Pathfinder, Valsin hands the PCs an envelope containing the tasks and directions to where they are supposed to find their contacts.

The first task on the list requires the PCs visit a creepy curio shop owned by Guaril Karela, a Varisian fence who heads the Sczarni crime syndicate in Absalom. He asks the group to retrieve a case of books from an “abandoned” warehouse. While trying to figure out how to safely retrieve the crate, balanced above a hole in the floor of the warehouse, dire rats nesting in the building attack the PCs.

The second task sends the PCs to deliver a parcel of medicine for the Silver Crusade—a faction of Pathfinders dedicated to using the Society’s resources to do good and help the downtrodden wherever their journeys take them. Their leader, the Sarenite paladin Ollysta Zadrian, asks the PCs to vet the headmistress of the orphanage where
the medicine is to be sent. In fact, Auntie Baltwin is a
cruel old alcoholic, who sells medicinal donations on the
black market, and puts the children to work for additional
profit. The canny old woman doesn’t make proving her
wrongdoings easy, and the PCs need keen skills to spot
illicit behavior.
The third task introduces the PCs to Amenopheus, the
Sapphire Sage of Osirion, under the premise of visiting
his liege to obtain permission to delve the ancestral
vaults of a prominent family in Sothis. The sage speaks
in place of the absent noble to whom he serves as advisor,
granting this privilege only after the PCs solve a puzzle in
the estate’s vault to prove their mettle.
The fourth task places the PCs in Paracountess Zarta
Dralneen’s uncomfortable embrace. The Chelish envoy
borrowed an item from the Grand Lodge, and the PCs
need to retrieve it. The twist: A servant imp snatched the
magical box and the paracountess trapped the enraged
creature in her precious bedroom where the creature
wreaks havoc. The PCs must either defeat or calm the
imp and get the box back to the Grand Lodge.
While the Pathfinders move through the city in pursuit
of their assignments, a group of ruthless adventurers
hoping to earn some easy gear and start making a name
for themselves follows the PCs’ every move. Although the
new Pathfinders have a chance to spot these adventurers
throughout the day, the thugs keep a low profile and
ambush the PCs as they head back to the Grand Lodge
after finishing their assignments for the day.


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