Society - Ish

City of Strangers, Part 1: The Shadow Gambit

3,246 gp

Scroll of invisibility (150 gp)
Scroll of silence (150 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Scroll of dimension door (700 gp)
Headband of alluring Charisma +2 (4,000 gp)
Necklace of fireballs, type I (1,650 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)
Scroll of gaseous form (375 gp)

The scenario begins with the PCs’ arrival at the Twisted
Door, the entrance to the quickest but most dangerous
way to access Kaer Maga, the City of Strangers. Here
they meet the city’s famed Duskwardens who, for a small
fee, escort travelers up the dangerous and diff icult
Half light Path, a series of tunnels, underground ruins,
and cliff side paths that wind slowly and steeply from the
bottom of the immensely tall cliffs, called the Storval
Rise, on which the City of Stranger’s thick, alien walls
rest. The Duskwardens pride themselves on providing
safe passage, so they are surprised when, halfway up
the path, the caravan is set upon by a screaming mass
of smelly goblins. The PCs are quickly divided from
the group and must battle the goblins in a side cavern,
even while they hear the Duskwardens defending the
remainder of the caravan in the nearby passages. Once
the goblins are defeated, the Duskwardens express
incredulous apologies—goblins are not a typical foe in
the Half light Path, and the area they attacked from has
been sealed for years.
Many hours later, tired and worn out, the PCs finally
reach the top of the path and enter Kaer Maga, the City of
Strangers. Built within and between eight-story-tall and
massively thick ancient walls, the city is a cacophony of
outcasts, outsiders, and misfits gathered together in a city
of wildly various sights, sounds, and smells. The PCs head
for the home of the merchant Horis Collgardie high atop
the district known as Bis, a district built mostly within
an enormous cavern eaten from one of the city’s walls. At
Collgardie’s home, the PCs find the merchant slain, but
before they can investigate are attacked by a gang of goons
hidden in the home’s back rooms, seemingly waiting for
the PCs. Once the goons are put down or captured, the
PCs learn that a man named Besel Ardoc hired them.
This is the only clue the PCs have at this point about the
death of Collgardie.
After spending most of a day asking around Kaer
Maga about Besel Ardoc, the PCs find him at the Augur’s
Entrails. Guarded by imposing iron golems, Besel is
amused to discover that the PCs are Pathfinders and
not the Shadow Lodge assassins he was sure murdered
his friend Collgardie. At this point, Besel tells the PCs
that he asked Collgardie to send the letter to Dreng
after the mysterious leader of the Commerce League, a
man known only as Dakar, offered Besel a favor to do so.
Inferring that the letter Collgardie sent and
his death soon after were linked, Besel hired
the goons to wait for the Shadow Lodge
to return to ransack the cloth merchant’s
home. When the PCs arrived, the goons
simply assumed the PCs were the Shadow
Lodge assassins.
At this point, Besel tells the PCs that if
they want to learn more, they’re going to
have to try to find Dakar and ask him what’s
going on—the Ardocs are not involved
and won’t be. He adds that finding Dakar
will likely be impossible.
Once the PCs begin directly asking
for Dakar, the response is swift: the
PCs are approached by a large group of
toughs claiming to be Dakar’s men. They
inform the PCs that Dakar, completely
unlike his normal self, has asked for the
PCs directly, and that they simply cannot
refuse Dakar’s rare and generous offer to
speak with the PCs. There’s a catch: the PCs
must agree to have bags placed over their heads and be
driven around in a blacked-out wagon for an hour before
they meet Dakar. His location is a closely-guarded secret,
and this is the only way in which anyone visits the head of
the Commerce League.
Once the PCs agree, they are bagged, stuffed into a dusty
wagon, and driven around for an hour or more. Then they
are dragged from the wagon, led through a series of hallways,
and brought before a backlit screen, where the bags are
removed from their heads. Here, the PCs “meet” Dakar, who
spends the entire conversation behind the screen. He tells
the PCs a great deal about Collgardie, Besel Ardoc, and their
entanglement with the Shadow Lodge. He then agrees to
make things very easy for them: should the PCs agree to owe
Dakar a favor, he will gladly point the PCs at the one known
hideout of the Shadow Lodge. Should the PCs agree, Dakar
tells them of a theater in the Bis district that the Shadow
Lodge has been using to plan missions and organize their
goblin minions. Oh yes, explains Dakar, it was the Shadow
Lodge who assaulted the PCs in the Halflight Path.
After the meeting with Dakar, the PCs are removed
from his presence the same way they came in, and head
for the Naderi Theater in Bis. Should the players have
time, a Shadow Lodge sorcerer and a gang of goblins, who
have been hunting the darkened streets for the PCs all
day, may ambush them on the way. After the ambush, the
PCs arrive at Naderi Theater, where they find a Shadow
Lodge bard and his summoned creatures. Defeating the
bard only unlocks more mysteries about the Lodge and
Kaer Maga; the scenario ends here on a cliffhanger with
directions for the players to continue the scenario arc
with Part II, The Twofold Demise.

The Pallid Plague

3,419 gp

Antiplague (50 gp; as antitoxin, except for diseases)
Potion of remove disease (750 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)
Scroll of lesser restoration (150 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Potion of bear’s endurance (300 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Wand of cure moderate wounds (25 charges) (Limit 1; 2,250 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Pathfinder pouch (1,000 gp)
Pearl of power (2nd level) (4,000 gp)
+2 scale mail (4,200 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
Wand of cure moderate wounds (4,500 gp)

Exemplar of Falcon’s Hollow: You have saved the town of Falcon’s Hollow from certain death. As a result, you are now a famed Andoran adventurer and gain a +1 circumstance bonus on any Charisma-based checks with any citizen of Andoran.
Hero of the Fey: You have saved the fey of Darkmoon Wood from certain death. As a result, you may automatically succeed on one Charisma-based check when dealing with fey in the future. Fey are chaotic and their memories tend to run short—as a result, you may use this boon only once, after which it is discarded.
Failed Savior of Andoran: Your failure to prevent the spread of palepox among the citizens of Falcon’s Hollow earns you the enmity of its citizens. You are unwelcome in the Darkmoon Vale region of Andoran, and all of the locals automatically view you as unfriendly during Diplomacy checks.
Enemy of the Fey: Your failure to prevent the spread of palepox among the fey of Darkmoon Wood earns you the enmity of fey everywhere. You suffer a permanent –1 penalty to any Charisma-based checks when dealing with fey.

At Syntira and Venture-Captain Brackett’s suggestion, the
PCs investigate a lumber camp in the Darkmoon Wood
suspected of involvement in the palepox epidemic. They
arrive to find the camp besieged by undead animals, the
former companions of the ex-druid gardeners tending
the flamebloom fields. Each is stuffed like a rag doll with
bright red, orange, and yellow flowers. These variant plague
zombies carry palepox instead of zombie rot, providing the
PCs with their first exposure to the disease.
The ungrateful, suspicious, and palepox-infected
lumberjacks offer little cooperation when the PCs
interrogate them. If the PCs persuade them, the workers
divulge that they saw the flowers stuffed in the plague
zombies in a nearby deep-woods farm tended by known
ex-druids. One survivor is sick enough to offer to escort
the PCs there if they agree to help him get to town to see
Laurel, Falcon’s Hollow’s herbalist, for a cure.
At the flamebloom field, the Pathfinders uncover a team
of palepox-infected ex-druids tending the flowers. These
cultists sacrificed their animal companions to Urgathoa
and abandoned their call to revere nature, choosing
instead to relish in the death and decay that comes at the
end of the life cycle. The cultists are alert and ready for a
second wave of invaders after the lumberjacks stumbled
upon their secret farm earlier. They know that they are
not effective in combat and choose instead to lure the
Pathfinders into the center of the field to expose them
to the flowers’ contagious pollen. Investigation reveals
that the druids and the flowers carry palepox, and
interrogation exposes the Fiendblood Covenant’s plot to
spread the plague through the flowers.
Safely back in Falcon’s Hollow, the PCs consult Laurel,
the town’s resident healer. Through the use of skill checks,
the Pathfinders can piece together enough information to
delay the effects of the disease or even cure it through nonmagical
means. They must gain access to Laurel’s workshop
and recipe books, decipher the ancient tomes, formulate an
herbal cure, find ingredients, and brew the remedy.
With the newfound cure, the Pathfinders head back
to the Wood to present it to Syntira. Leaving town, they
glimpse several Urgathoan beggars bringing wagons
of flamebloom flowers into Falcon’s Hollow. Upon
further investigation, the Pathfinders discover that the
Fiendblood Covenant plan a gluttonous feast that night
in a grove outside town celebrating the plague’s release
on the unsuspecting population.
As the PCs make their way into the woods toward the
feast, one of Syntira’s satyr patrols stops them. The PCs
need to convince the suspicious and fear-addled fey of
their alliance with the nymph queen or that they found
a cure to the disease. If the Pathfinders provoke them or
fail to prove their friendliness, the satyrs do not hesitate
to defend their forest.
A short distance outside the city, the Pathfinders
disrupt a great banquet thrown by cultists both living and
undead. Mounds of tainted flamebloom blossoms form
piles atop a bone table as the revelers gorge themselves
with the raw flowers, drinking from human skull goblets
of moldy wine. Startled by the interruption, many of the
cultists flee into the woods, but Vondrella, overseeing
the ritual, remains with several flower-stuffed, maggotridden
plague zombie minions. She vows to continue the
feast even without revelers, dining not on flowers but on
the bodies of the interlopers.

among the dead

3192 gp

Scroll of lesser restoration (150 gp)
Bag of tricks (gray) (3,400 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Ring of climbing (2,500 gp)
+2 short sword (8,310 gp)
Cloak of resistance +2 (4,000 gp)
Large half-plate (1,200 gp)

The PCs are sent to Oppara by Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng to find and exterminate the recently located hideout of the same band of cultists who murdered Pathfinder Bodriggan Wuthers more than a year ago and attempted to unleash a zombie plague on the citizens of Oppara. Venture-Captain Dreng makes it clear this isa revenge mission—a lesson to all that the PathfinderSociety will not stand idle while their members are tricked and slain.

The PCs arrive at the entrance to the hideout, a burned-out temple to Sarenrae in the massive vagabond camp on the south bank of the Porthmos River, and find their contact, the frighteningly thin Magistros Sebastus Hustavan, under attack by a pack of wild dogs. Saved once more by Pathfinders, Hustavan tells the PCs about the arrival of Baillaset, the cultists trapping every corner of the hideout and murdering one another with them, and his escape and cry for help. He has not been down into the hideout for more than a week and does not know what the PCs will find. He volunteers to aid the PCs by going in with them—a request he doesn’t intend to let the PCs say no to.

Armed with the fallen consul’s information, the PCs enter the hideout and progress down through three underground levels, each themed to one of Zyphus’s areas of concern. The first level is an abandoned Sarenite crypt filled with traps and a hideous remnant of the Zyphus Stone—a decayed zombie. The second level contains the former living quarters of the cult, along with two rooms used to test new recruits and a gallery of Zyphus’s greatest accidents. The final level contains the fewest traps, but the most corpses. Here the PCs find the wight called Baillaset. Should the PCs destroy him, they bring the era of Zyphus in Oppara to a close, but discover that the Grim Harvestman’s time in Taldor is likely not finished.

Among the living

2132 gp

items aquired:
Potion of cure moderate wounds (Cost: 300 gp)
Potion of bull’s strength (Cost: 300 gp)
Potion of invisibility (Cost: 300 gp)
+2 Full plate armor (Cost: 5,650 gp)
Elixir of fire breath (Cost: 1,100 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (Cost: 1,000 gp)
Potion of blur (Cost: 300 gp)
Periapt of wisdom +2 (Cost: 4,000 gp)

The PCs are contacted by Eliza Petulengro, a reserved,
dark-haired Varisian venture-captain, and asked to travel
to Oppara to look for the famed Pathfinder Bodriggan
Wuthers. Eliza knew that Wuthers was working on a dig
site beneath the House of the Immortal Son opera house
in Taldor’s gilded capital. Wuthers insisted the dig was
for an artifact that would raise the renown of the entire
Society after its recovery. A report on the dig was due a
month ago and Eliza worries something terrible has
happened to her famous former pupil.
Gaining access to the opera house’s nonpublic areas is
nearly impossible, so the PCs don their best clothing and
attend an opera, hoping to sneak away before the end to
look in on Wuthers’s dig site. Before they can execute their
plan, the theater is locked down magically, and a host of
zombies crash the opera and attack and feast upon the
upper crust of Taldan society. Unbeknownst to the PCs,
the Zyphus cult members replaced everyone in the House
of the Immortal Son and are using the opera to lure in a
crop of fresh living souls to turn into the walking dead.
After the opera house is reduced to Zyphus cult members
and their zombie cohorts, the lock down will be lifted by
Fel Bustrani. The zombie horde, mixed with the diseaseridden
Zyphus zombies, will crash into Oppara and
spread Zyphus’s will to all Taldor and beyond.
Once the theater is locked down, the PCs have many
options. The Zyphus Stone’s powerful magic prevents any
escape, so the PCs must use the bizarre attack as an excuse
to explore deeper into the opera house, finding zombies
of all sorts (including zombies who were, moments ago,
wealthy Opparan nobles) and a highly organized Zyphus
cult orchestrating the entire event. Having battled through
several encounters with zombies and cult members, the PCs
discover the storage area and the Chamber of the Stone and
confront the Zyphus cult leader, Fel Bustrani.

Beggars pearl

gp 3177

items aquired:
Ivory-handled short sword (60 gp)
Scroll of aid (250 gp)
+1 fey bane arrows (Limit 10; 166 gp each)
Efficient quiver (1,800 gp)
Scroll of lesser planar ally (750 gp)

The Pathfinders head into the Aspodell Mountains,
seeking Torvic in hopes of finding Barek Triongger’s
Gallery of Wonders. Locating the dwarf, the PCs find
him beset by mites and their giant ant pets, servants of
Lady Morilaeth. Once rescued, the nightmare-haunted
dwarf offers the Gallery’s treasures in exchange for
freedom from Lady Morilaeth’s oppressive power. Before
his escape, Torvic overheard his captors’ plans for an
upcoming celebration: Lady Morilaeth’s debauched
Feast of the Pallid Measure. His foes might easily fall if
attacked during their bizarre festivities.
His memories garbled by his captors’ vile experiments
and Lady Morilaeth’s cruel nightmares, Torvic can’t help
the party navigate the Gallery’s trap-guarded entrance. If
placed in a setting in the entrance’s sculptures, the PCs
find that the dwarf ’s luminous pearl disarms some of the
hazards, allowing relatively safe entry.
Inside, the PCs find that a forest of fungi fills the
dwarven living spaces, now the twisted realm of sadistic
derros. Lethal traps clutter the workrooms of the dwarven
sculptors, built by a sadistic mite trap master. The PCs
also find pain-maddened prisoners here—tormented
and confused, these victims’ assistance may cause more
trouble than it prevents.
Finally, the PCs locate Barek’s once-opulent sculpture
gallery and find Lady Morilaeth coldly overseeing the
bizarre revelry of the Pallid Measure. At her command,
motley followers stumble and twitch across the dance
floor, their senses enslaved by foul drugs and the Lady’s
malign influence.

The Jester’s Fraud

GP: 2,564gp

Gear Aquired:
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Wand of touch of idiocy (20 charges) (Limit 1; 1,800 gp)
Wand of web (17 charges) (Limit 1; 1,530 gp)

Sent to Taldor to negotiate the purchase of historical
manuscripts, the PCs have barely arrived in the village of
Evondemor when Tribune Makarius Bourtze bursts into
their inn, closely pursued by rampaging annis hags Sabas
has somehow managed to summon from the alabaster
urn. After the battle, Bourtze begs the Pathfinders to help
recover the dangerous stolen relic, as well as other stolen
accursed items, and promises artifacts and documents
for the Grand Lodge should they help.
Although the rival House Disaren sent the thieving
jester, he betrayed them. The rival house also has a group
in the area seeking their treacherous agent, and the PCs
encounter them as they lay in wait for the sneaky jester
just outside the Bourtze’s town of Evondemor.
Sabas fled across open country, following a longabandoned
canal toward a distant ruined village. The
PCs closely pursue the jester and eventually find him
in the ruins of an old trade city, planning an auction in
which some of the region’s deadliest bandits will bid for
control of the urn.

Fortune's blade

gp earned: 2,537 gp

Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
+2 falchion (8,375 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Potion of lesser restoration (300 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)

The adventure begins with the PCs standing in a clearing in the Wilewood in the southwestern River Kingdoms near the elf kingdom of Kyonin. Here a green hag named Aelzeldra holds the final piece the Pathfinders are ordered to collect. The PCs can parlay with the hag, eventually gaining the fragment, or they may choose the more violent path and fight the formidable crone. From there the PCs set off farther upriver to the town of Sevenarches. During the first night they stop and rest on the shore, the ghost of the slain green hag Gresaril emerges from the sword fragment the PCs acquired from Aelzeldra and attacks, all the while lamenting the fact she was slain by her harpy lover. The next morning the PCs reach Sevenarches and meet a fellow Pathfinder, Parke Rangston, who is schooled in the field of swords—particularly magic swords. While Rangston studies the falchion, the fragments fuse together and form the blade anew. Rangston is then possessed with supernatural rage and vengeance, lashing out at the PCs with the newly reformed Passion’s Edge. If Rangston is defeated and alive, he tells the PCs that the blade still holds its curse, and now that it has been reformed, the curse on the harpy Tylaca, the last bearer of the falchion, is broken. He warns the PCs that the harpy and her minions will stop at nothing to get the sword back. Following the sword sage’s directions, the PCs make their way to a ruined cathedral serving as the harpy flock’s lair. At the ruins, the PCs encounter Tylaca and a trio of harpies that have protected her still body for a decade. Once the PCs overcome this defense, they make their way to the upper reaches of the bell tower, confronting Tylaca in her roost. The harpy proves a formidable enemy for the PCs and fights furiously to regain the sword. h1. Your title here…

Sniper in the Deep

GP: 2,603

Belt of giant strength +2 (4,000 gp)
Cloak of resistance +2 (4,000 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Potion of water breathing (750 gp)

The PCs are charged with locating a missing Pathfinder named Airk Jarigan and retrieving the Sniper, an Andoren artifact that he’d set out to find. The scenario begins with a tavern brawl against a band of cutthroats. After defeating the thugs, the PCs piece together clues found in the missing Pathfinder’s room to discover the location of Vaydren’s Might (the sunken ship in which the artifact now lies) as well as the cave where the cutthroats stowed the missing Pathfinder’s body. The PCs may journey to the cave before or after retrieving The Sniper; either way, they must travel to the Flotsam Graveyard outside of Absalom’s harbor and find Vaydren’s Might, which lies beneath another ship, the Iron Tide. After defeating the guards stationed on the wreckage above the water, the PCs make their way through the two sunken ships, fighting underwater against the undead crew of Vaydren’s Might and a band of skum that prowl through the ship’s lowest reaches. The adventure ends with a climactic battle against a treacherous Pathfinder and the ghost of Vaydren himself.

Delirium’s Tangle

GP Aquired: 1,867

BOON: You Rescued the Minotaur Prince: You rescued Nuar Spiritskin, the Minotaur Prince of Absalom and he is quite grateful that you have done so. Though he is absolutely unclear how he got into the Tangle in the first place, he pays this no mind and spreads the tale of your daring-do to his many contacts throughout the city. You gain a permanent +1 circumstance bonus to any Intelligence or Charisma-based checks made while in Absalom.

Scroll of lesser restoration (150 gp)
Wand of daze (375 gp)
Wand of magic missiles (CL 3rd) (2,250 gp)
Wand of water breathing (2 charges) (Limit 1; 450 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Goggles of minute seeing (2,500 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Potion of haste (750 gp)

The scenario begins as Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng
rouses the PCs from their beds in the wee hours of the
morning. Dreng introduces the PCs to Grandmaster
Torch, who explains that Nuar Spiritskin, his “close friend
and confidant,” succumbed to a strange compulsion while
Torch shared his newest discoveries with the minotaur.
He begs the Pathfinders to safely return his “dear friend”
from whatever unnatural influence drew him into the
maze, and even offers to let the Society keep the elven
artifact his notes hint at.
Little happens on the initial descent into Absalom’s
sewers and maintenance tunnels, but as the PCs approach
the Tangle, they encounter greater and greater resistance
from the morlock tribes that claim it. Once inside, the
PCs must contend with cannibalistic morlocks, deadly
traps, and the maddening twists and turns of the
labyrinth itself. If the PCs are clever, they avoid the worst
the Tangle has to offer.
At the very heart of the Tangle, the PCs encounter
Abysiel bound in chains high above the floor. His lengthy
imprisonment and deific control over the morlocks have
driven him insane and he lashes out at the PCs in a rage as he
attempts to scour the Tangle of their malign influence.

Citadel of Flame

GP: 1,810

Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Feather token (whip) (500 gp)
Hand of the mage (900 gp)
+1 holy arrow (Limit: 4, 360 gp)
Scroll of flaming sphere (150 gp)
Wand of cure light wounds (750 gp)
Boots of elvenkind (2,500 gp)
+1 heavy steel bashing shield (4,170 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (300 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Ring of protection +1 (2,000 gp)

Venture-Captain Dennel Hamshanks sends the PCs
from Absalom to retrieve the infamous idol of Moloch
from the recently rediscovered Citadel of Flame. The
adventure begins when fire elementals ambush the
PCs as they traverse a rocky canyon of twisting stone
columns and towering natural arches that leads to the
ancient fortress. It’s here the PCs can find some of
the remains of the dervish army that came centuries
previously to stop the Moloch cult—and some of the
remains possess gear that will be helpful to the PCs in
the coming encounters.
The citadel itself is composed of a stout entry building,
topped by a large minaret, called the Ember Halls.
Behind it rise the graceful spires of the Inferno Heart,
the two linked by a delicate red stone bridge which
provides the only access to the Heart. The Ember Halls
appear abandoned, but a sorcerer attacks the PCs from
a secret room, using illusions and tricks to harass the
PCs as they move through each chamber before finally
confronting them in the fortress’s ornate reception hall.
The PCs may also discover a trapped sauna inside the
Ember Halls’ large minaret, where the ancient cultists
performed rituals to call powerful sandstorms.
The PCs then cross the hollow stone arch leading
to the Citadel’s second structure, the Inferno Heart,
which sits on a small mesa far above the valley f loor.
One of the cult’s guardians, a dangerous devil known
as a gaav (or magaav in the higher tier), f lies around
inside the bridge and attacks the PCs as they attempt
to cross it.
Inside the Inferno Heart, the PCs f ind a large
forge where a mercenary blacksmith hired by the
cult is hard at work crafting weapons to fulf ill
Moloch’s dream of conquest. The PCs can convince
the disgruntled smith to help them, in which case he
disables some of the steam traps in the Lava Temple
above. Alternatively, they can defeat him in battle and
turn off the vents themselves.
Above the forge, the PCs enter the Pilgrim Passage,
a ceremonial corridor that the cult’s devotees followed
on their final journey to the Lava Temple. The PCs can
choose to undergo three rituals central to the pilgrims’
journey. Although these ceremonies give the cult some
power over participants, they can also provide the PCs
with some resistance to fire. Finally, the PCs confront
the cult’s leader and her bodyguards in the fiery temple
where the bull-headed idol of Moloch spits forth lava
and steam as a portal to Malebolge slowly opens. If they
defeat the cultists, the PCs may close the portal, retrieve
the idol, and return it safely to Absalom—far from the
grasp of Moloch’s faithful.


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