Society - Ish

Voice in the Void

Aquired: 501gp

Cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
Stone of alarm (2,700 gp)
Wand of color spray (750 gp)

At the behest of Venture-Captain Adril Hestram, the
PCs venture into the basement of the Blakros Museum
to find Imrizade Blakros and the missing watchmen,
and the cause of the disappearances. In the museum’s
storerooms, the PCs must fight through guardian statues
and taxidermy exhibits animated by the ghostly brain of
Kubburum Ishme-dagan.
Proceeding further into the basement, the PCs face
bizarre aberrations and oozes drawn to the museum by
the power the Gate of Beyond. In a dusty scriptorium,
the PCs can find clues as to the real nature of the threat,
and how to defeat it. Farther inside, the PCs discover
that the museum’s library has become home to a colony
of alien molds and fungi, including a disturbing variety
of intelligent, carnivorous fungus from the planet
Aucturn. Once they overcome these hazards, the PCs
discover the shaft leading to the hidden rooms beneath
the basement.
After navigating the deep shaft, the PCs emerge into
an anteroom where they must contend with a trap placed
to deter intruders, before finally entering the hidden
chambers of the Gate of Beyond. There, in her sanctum,
the PCs face the aberrant sorcerer Imrizade Blakros,
connected to the Gate of Beyond by fungoid umbilicals.
To prevent Imrizade from opening the portal to the Dark
Tapestry and unleashing terrifying horrors on Absalom,
the PCs must defeat her zombie minions (the remains of
the museum’s unfortunate watchmen) and somehow end
Imrizade’s possession by her ghostly master Kubburum


russell_nikolai russell_nikolai

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