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The Devil We Know: Part IV The Rules of the Swift

Aquired: 1,250gp

Bracers of archery (lesser) (5,000 gp)
Potion of inflict moderate wounds (300 gp)

On the orders of Venture-Captain Hestia Themis, the
PCs accompany Nefti, an Aspis Consortium agent they
met in Shipyard Rats, to Swift Prison to pursue the derro
kidnappers. Once at the Swift’s gates, Nefti recounts his
rehearsed story, telling the PCs that in order to follow the
derros’ escape route and access the Ismacco tunnels, they
must enter the prison.
After leaving Nefti, the PCs also perform Hestia’s
second request—to verify the presence of an ancient
chapel bell artifact called the bell of obedience. The PCs
have two choices here and can either proceed to the chapel
and verify the presence of the bell of obedience, or the PCs
can decide to head directly to the central keep and pursue
the derros and their fresh slaves.
Once inside, the PCs discover a gruesome scene in the
prison yard: a mutilated rust monster pierced with barbed
crossbow bolts lies crumpled in the dirt. Surrounding the
aberration several derros lie rotting, their bled corpses
robbed of any metallic scraps. As the PCs investigate
the scene, an earth elemental left behind by the derros,
bursts from the ground and attacks.
After defeating the elemental, the PCs enter the
keep, where they find evidence of the derro invasion.
Remnants of iron bars lie rusted and destroyed, leaving
an appearance of total disarray within the keep. While
exploring the keep, the PCs find a journal left behind that
gives the PCs some clues as to how they should progress.
Descending into the dank cellars nicknamed Stavian’s
Fair, the PCs encounter a familiar face: the Crazed Painter
(see Crypt of Fools). Inside a large room, the demented
artist furiously paints a wall mural. The PCs must bring
some lucidity to the Crazed Painter in order to elicit
information about the derro kidnappings.
After the PCs finish their chat with the painter, they
delve into the sewer through a secret door and find a
room guarded by a ghast with several Swift Prison thieftakers
in cells suffering from ghoul fever.
After the encounter with the ghast, the PCs wind
through the Ismacco tunnel system and descend into the
Darklands beneath the city. After some time, the PCs find
a room with signs of a battle—it seems the derros’ slaves,
the mites, tried to engage in a coup against their masters
and were slaughtered.
In the next cavern, the PCs find a grotto with
a disgusting pool and witness the derros herding
prisoners into that pool. Once the derros see the PCs,
they prepare to attack but are then attacked themselves
by prisoners and mite slaves, leaving the PCs to deal with
a smaller band of foes. Should the PCs defeat the derros,
they rescue the prisoners and end the derro menace in
Cassomir for a time.


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