Society - Ish

No Plunder NoPay

7749 gp

Bottle of air (7,250 gp)
Cloak of the manta ray (7,200 gp)
Elixir of swimming (250 gp)
Javelin of lightning (Limit 1; 1,500 gp)
Periapt of health (7,500 gp)
+2 rapier (8,320 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
Scroll of animate dead (375 gp)
Scroll of contagion (375 gp)
Scroll of desecrate (150 gp)
Scroll of water breathing (375 gp)
+1 shadow studded leather (4,925 gp)
Waverider’s gold-plated wayfinder (550 gp)
+2 dwarven waraxe (8,330 gp)
Javelin of lightning (Limit 3; 1,500 gp)
Pearl of power (3rd) (9,000 gp)
Ring of protection +3 (18,000 gp)
+2 shadow studded leather (7,925)

The adventure begins outside of a seaside bastion wherein Caradoc Alazario awaits in shackles. The PCs must decide either to infiltrate or assault the bastion. If the PCs are discovered, prison guards and watch dogs attack them. On escape, the players make their way toward a docked ship belonging to a Chelish privateer. Fortunately, the ship’s crew celebrates recent plunders inside far away taverns and brothels and only the captain and a few others remain behind to defend their ship. The PCs can wrest control of this ship and travel to the location of the sunken Infernal Reward. With the newly stolen ship, Caradoc Alazario pilots the PCs into open waters in search of the shipwreck. Once on the open sea, a great sea monster attacks. During a windstorm, the PCs reach the shipwreck site, but as the stolen ship struggles amidst the storm, the Infernal Reward sails from out of the spray. In disbelief, Caradoc releases the stolen ship’s helm, causing the ship to flounder. The players can rally with skill and ability checks to get the ship back under control. Social skills may be used to snap Caradoc out from his stupor, eliciting his expertise. As the Infernal Reward courses closer, it becomes obvious that the ship is ethereal and its angry crew is none other than the ghosts of sailors who drowned aboard Caradoc’s doomed vessel. Intent on claiming their dishonorable captain, the ghosts attack Caradoc. Furthermore, bloated lacedons rise from the seabed and climb up the PC’s ship. The PCs have to decide whether to defend Caradoc and enter the battle, or hand the poor captain over to the hungry ghosts and thus save themselves. Once the undead are defeated, or appeased, the ghost ship sails over its wreck site and supernaturally ignites, reenacting its sinking at the hands of Her Majestrix’s Navy. If the PCs swim down to the shipwreck, the temperature falls rapidly, giving the sea a fell chill as the underwater tomb of the Infernal Reward comes into view. A partially charred ship rests at an awkward angle tilted on the seabed. Finally, the players can enter the ship’s hold and search for the disks. Through a maze of chambers, shadowy undead harry the PCs. The disks are guarded by a vicious cephalopod, bound to Urgathoa’s will, and the PCs must destroy the octopus in order to retrieve the disks.


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