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Echoes of the Everwar, Part III: Terror at Whistledown

4,378 gp

Protector of Whistledown: You have saved the gnome community of Whistledown in distant Varisia. News of your great dead travels far in the gnome community, and you gain a +1 bonus on all Charisma-based checks with gnomes.

1 dose of medium spider venom (limit 2, 150 gp)
Cloak of resistance +3 (9,000 gp)
Headband of alluring charisma +4 (16,000 gp)
+1 keen falchion (8,375 gp)
Potion of cure serious wounds (750 gp)
Potion of inflict moderate wounds (300 gp)
Ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)

The PCs are tasked by Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir
of the Sothis Lodge to investigate the quaint gnome
community of Whistledown in Varisia and find the corpse
of a great Osirian concubine thought to be lost there.
When the PCs arrive, they are greeted by a frightened and
timid populace who beseech their help. Terrors plague
the town’s night streets, they say, and already many of
their townsfolk are missing. After agreeing to guard their
marketplace that night, the PCs encounter the undead
minions of Kamilah, who arrive searching for more slaves.
After the attack, clues lead the PCs to the smuggler Sarian’s
home along the shores of the lake near town. Sarian, after
some negotiating, admits that he first saw the undead on
the nearby island but refuses to accompany the PCs there.
The PCs instead take his boat, found outside of town after
the PCs thwart an undead attack, and make their way out
to the source of the evil plaguing the town. Along the way,
they are possibly attacked by giant snakes attracted to the
area by the ring’s power (optional encounter). After dealing
with the snakes, the PCs find the smuggler’s den in a
ruined fort and climb down into its belly, where they find
more of the undead plaguing Whistledown (one of whom
is the famed Osirian concubine Kamilah) and their ring
leader: the vampire Vanyth.


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